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GPC support UNESCO’s vision of ‘building peace in the minds of men and women’ through Actions for Peace projects that promote community awareness and commitment towards peace making for a better world. As we live in a highly interconnected and interdependent world, we believe Peace and harmony must be treasured and maintained. Each person should do their part in reaching out as peace makers in their community and environment.

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is an action-driven group of Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses and Rotaractors working together for the purpose of advancing peace and preventing wars throughout the world and recognized by Rotary International, focused on providing a network and resources to further the peace and conflict resolution work of Rotarians around the globe.

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Wofoo Social Enterprises (“WSE”), founded by Dr. Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP in 1997, is a pioneer platform that offers diversified services through the collaboration of different sectors with an aim to promote “Harmony Brings a Family Prosperity; Cohesion Makes a Nation Wealthy.” WSE values the needs of the needy. We provide services to the elderly, youth, schools and communities through active delivery of innovative ideas, cost-effective means and sustainable development; we also actively promote stakeholders’ commitment to the society so as to facilitate sharing of social resources.

WoFoo Social Enterprises

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SocietyNext Foundation is a company limited by guarantee registered in the Hong Kong and is an independent non-profit organization and an adaptive platform that raises public awareness of environmental, social, and governance challenges and empowers community service participation by collaborating communities, supporting innovators and accelerating impact for sustainability. Together Membership


InnoESG Prize (social aspects)


SDG World Records


DesignThinking for Sustinability Global Communities

SocietyNext Foundation

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Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC

The Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC, chartered under the Lions Club International (LCI) District 303 (Hong Kong & Macao, China), The Club members are mainly professionals from the banking and finance sector, including senior executives of investment banks and financial institutions, partners of “Big 4” accounting firms, chief financial officers of listed companies, and chiefs of public organisations. But beyond physically volunteering, they also believe they could deliver a wider social impact by contributing their expertise in areas like fundraising, business matching, financial management and corporate governance to NGOs.

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